Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a minimum order?
No. You are welcome to order any product in any quantity.
Do you offer a discount for large orders?
Call (859) 317-9881 or send e-mail to info@cameoglass.net for retail and large quantity orders.
Which payment methods are accepted?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
How secure is the online shop? Is my data protected?
Our site uses an SSL certificate, ensuring a secure connection for credit card transactions.
What are the shipment charges?
Shipment charges are typically $10-15 for an order quantity of 1-5 pieces.
Where do I send images?
During the ordering process, you will add your image to personalize your product which will be sent to us along with your order details. Please provide us with the highest quality, largest digital files available.
What happens after I place my order?
You will receive an automated order confirmation, followed by a shipping confirmation once your order is completed and ready to ship.
When will I receive my order?
Once your purchase is complete, orders are shipped within 3 business days from Lexington, Kentucky.