Cameo Glass Prints in Lexington, Kentucky specializes in beautiful, table-top glass photo trays that are completely dishwasher safe.  Photo image or images can be printed either in landscape or portrait size. Image is printed into the reverse side and is visible from the front side.

Our glass photo trays combine function and decoration to make an elegant home or office décor. Commemorate special lifetime events by transforming photographs, wedding invitations or graduation certificates into a beautiful glass tray. Choose from a range of sizes to fit the proportion of your picture or document on glass.

Glass photo trays at Cameo Glass Prints are available in the following sizes and range from $60 to $90, depending on tray size selected:

  • 5” x 7” – Landscape
  • 6” x 6” – Square
  • 6” x 10” – Landscape
  • 8” x 8” – Square 
  • 6” x 12” – Landscape 
  • 8” x 12” – Landscape 

Gift box is included with purchase.

Cameo Glass Prints loves bringing memories and moments to life.  Our selection of glass photo trays is unequalled.  These personalized glass photo trays are a unique way to commemorate special events in your life or those of a closed family member or friend.  These elegant photo trays can be displayed anywhere in a home or office as a constant reminder of special times. Glass photo trays from Cameo Glass Prints are handmade to order and are perfect for any occasion. 

Our glass serving trays also make a stunning showpiece gift for a lifetime event or for your home.  Your beautiful photograph or montage of photographs creates an unforgettable memory maker.

Porcelain ceramic trays are another popular item at Cameo Glass Prints.  These beautiful trays are customized with your photo.  14” x 6” in size, that accommodates a very panoramic image, such as landscape, art or painting.  The top and bottom lip allows for an inscription that rounds off the presentation of the tray.  Our default font will be cursive, in black. Please provide any text, color & font requirements in a separate email to us. These porcelain ceramic trays are only $70 and a gift box is included with each order.


Consider the many unique choices on glass that you have at Cameo Glass Prints in Lexington, Kentucky.  A picture on glass elevates a gift into something special, the preparation, the memory it evokes, all brought together as a unique gift for the home or office.

At Cameo Glass Prints, we not only specialize in glass photo trays, but we also feature many other great gift ideas:

  • Custom & personalized housewarming gifts
  • Bar Mitzvah gifts 
  • Ceramic trays
  • Curved glass prints
  • Flat glass prints
  • Gifts in memory of a loved one
  • Glass coasters
  • Glass cutting boards
  • Glass serving trays
  • Memorial gifts 
  • Newborn gifts 
  • Remembrance gifts
  • Save-The-Date gifts
  • Thank-You gifts for teachers 
  • and many more

For more information, simply call us at (859) 317-9881 or e-mail us at 

To produce your custom glass photo tray, glass serving tray or porcelain 

ceramic tray, go to www.cameoglass.netChoose your glass print, upload and 

position your picture, then check out.  If you prefer for us to prepare your glass print, 

simply email the image to  


Or … you can mail a high-quality photo to us at 

Cameo Glass, 909 East Loudon Avenue | Unit 4, Lexington, KY 40505.